Choosing the Right Hoyer Lift Parts

When a patient can no longer move on their own, it can be a difficult situation for both them and their caregiver. Using hoyer lifts is the best way to provide transfer that is safe for both the patient and the person moving them. In addition, they help the patient to maintain their dignity when they need assistance for things that they could once do on their own.

Hoyer lifts are not only used to move patients from one bed to another. The lift is an important tool that a caregiver is likely to use several times a day, whether helping bathe the patient or helping with orthopedic and toilet needs. There are lifts available to fill each of these needs specifically so that the patient and caregiver are both always as comfortable as possible.

The parts of hoyer lift includes battery chargers, battery packs, surface mounting adapters, chain sets, hydraulic pumps, sling bags, sling straps, hand controllers, wheels and casters, spreader bars, cradle kits, boom masts that are replaceable in case they fail to work.

Perhaps the easiest option to operate is an electric hoyer lift , with simple controls and an emergency switch for quickly lowering patients if necessary. It has a foot pedal that is very easy to operate, particularly when the lift has been moved under a bed or other piece of furniture. It features a powerful battery that can complete anywhere from eighty to one hundred lifts before it needs to be replaced, giving the caregiver one less thing to worry about.

Of course, for various reasons, there are patients and caregivers who prefer to use a manual lift as opposed to the electric options. The Guardian hydraulic hoyer lift features a six point cradle that will keep the patient as comfortable as possible while being transported. The adjustable base makes it easy for caregivers to situate the lift around anything necessary, such as a wheelchair or bedside commode. This is a safe and easy to use option for someone who does not like to rely on electronics for patient transportation.

It can be difficult for everyone involved when a patient develops difficulty with performing simple tasks, such as lifting themselves out of bed. hoyer lifts make it easy for caregivers to assist while allowing the patient to retain their pride. There are various styles of lifts available to fulfill any patient need.

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